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After The Wedding Invitations

An after the wedding party is a gathering, that can be informal and formal. The informal gathering is a gathering at the groom or bride’s house.  The formal gathering is the one that is held in a country club. A beautiful invitation and a pretty text will show the guest that you care about them and you give an idea about the theme of the wedding and the party. The invitation design is relative easy to choose, the hard part is to write a good text on the wedding after party invitation. Here is site from where you can choose a wedding after party invitations. Here is what you can write on your after the wedding invitation.

Here is what you need: a pen, paper and word processing software.

The first thing you need to do is to decide the date, the place, if the after party will be formal or informal. In addition, if you have a theme for your wedding you must choose an invitation that includes your theme. In addition, you need to decide whom you will invite to the after party wedding and to see how large the party will be.

The second step is to include the reason of the party and for who is dedicated the party, where the party will be held, the date and time, you can also write dress code, direction, to which the guest will respond (include a telephone number and/or a email address) in the invitation.

The third step is to add a quote, rhyme, and verse in your invitation. If your circumstance of the wedding permits you, you can include some words like: “We could not cope, so we decided to elope. Come join us in celebrating our recent wedding”.  You can include your favorite quote or quotes; you can compose your own. Keep the theme and the personality of the newlyweds and the mood of the after wedding party. You can compose your own quote if the after party is not formal. Have fun with the words! You can choose a quote, verse or rhyme of your favorite poet (choose elegant quotes from magazines or even online> here is a site where you can find quotes and verses for your after party wedding) and include it in the after wedding party invitation, if the party is a formal one.

The most important thing is to remember to make the invitation very clear so that the guess will understand what it is about. Keep the words friendly if the invitation is formal and is address to your family and close friends, tell the guest in a few words why you are throwing an after party.11